Baltimore Degree Programs for Busy Professionals

Choosing to go back to school is a difficult decision for many working adults. Between a hectic job and busy family life, it can be hard to find the time to get a degree. Fortunately, there are dozens of degree programs offered throughout Baltimore designed for busy professionals. From certificate programs to night classes, these local schools and colleges encourage working adults to get the degree they always dreamed of having. Here are some of the best colleges in Baltimore that offer degree programs for busy professionals.

Notre Dame of Maryland University

NDM prides itself in its adult-oriented degree programs. Most of the school’s bachelor programs are geared toward working professionals looking to balance home and school life. NDM has programs in various industries and students can choose to enroll in the school of education, nursing, arts, sciences or business. Programs run the gamut from communications to radiological sciences. No matter how busy a student is, NDM works students to earn a degree around their schedules. NDM also offers some online classes in various degree programs. The school is located on North Charles Street in Baltimore.

University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore offers online degree programs that are 100 percent virtual, giving students the freedom and flexibility to earn a degree in their own time. The courses are not offered on a set schedule. In fact, many working students prefer enrolling in a UB course because there are always classes available. Students can find programs ranging from business to public administration, offered in both bachelor and master degree levels. Those who reside in Maryland can access affordable in-state rates, even when enrolling in online education. The average cost per credit hour is $750.

Morgan State University

Busy professionals looking to continue with their education and earn postgraduate degrees should consider Morgan State. Whether students are interested in obtaining a master’s degree or enrolling in a doctoral program, Morgan State has it all and offers it completely online. The school also offers an online library, online tutoring and an online bookstore to provide students with numerous resources. Those who are interested in completing more than one degree program have the opportunity to do so, pending review from the school.

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

The University of Maryland Baltimore County, also known as UMBC, is ideal for adults returning to college. It ranks sixth among all Maryland universities according to College Factual. Adult learners at UMBC can find helpful resources from the Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) department, which sponsors events for professional students to network and build relationships. Working students can choose to enroll in a number of degree programs, many of which are offered in non-traditional classroom hours and online. UMBC is located on Hilltop Circle in Baltimore.

Baltimore City Community College

BCCC is one of the best colleges in Baltimore for busy professionals due to its flexibility. The school offers dozens of classes at night and on weekends to accommodate the schedules of working students. Adult students can attend classes after work or on their free days without feeling overwhelmed. BCCC has college degree programs in nearly every industry, from business and finance to health care and education. Students can also choose from a number of continuing education courses and certificate programs, which can help them grow their careers.

Continuing education courses at BCCC are also known as “workforce development,” as the classes are designed to expand Baltimore’s workforce and encourage higher learning. BCCC offers both credit and noncredit courses in workforce development. They are offered at Liberty Campus, Harbor Campus, Reisterstown Plaza Center and more than 60 off-campus locations throughout Baltimore City. Students can create a custom schedule that works for them by visiting the offices. The school is located on Liberty Heights Avenue in Baltimore.

Community College of Baltimore County

CCBC is notoriously known for its variety of certificate programs. Working students who wish to complete a certificate program can find hundreds of options at CCBC, from accounting and air traffic control certificates to land surveying and photography certificates. Students will enjoy the wide array of schedule options, which are designed to allow professionals to work while completing their programs. CCBC also offers basic education classes for adult learners who never graduated high school. Students can attend GED classes or enroll in English literacy courses to improve their writing, reading and speech.

Towson University

When it comes to continuing education courses, Towson ranks number one. The university provides professional certification courses geared toward Baltimore’s working class to solve gaps in critical thinking and workforce skills. Students interested in the fields of business management, information technology, health and medical administration and digital marketing can find a variety of certificate programs to complement their current skills and hone new ones.

The certifications are designed to prepare students for the next level in their careers. For example, students who are currently working in the information technology industry can become certified in Microsoft Office, CompTIA and Oracle Database. Towson University is located just outside of Baltimore in Towson, Maryland.

Coppin State University

Working professionals can attend classes at Coppin State, either in-person or online. The university recognizes that non-traditional students (those that are older than the traditional undergraduate between the ages of 18 to 22) have unique needs. Thus, the school provides several degree programs with flexible hours and online options. Working students can create their school schedules around work and family life for the best chances of success.

Coppin State is one of the best schools for online bachelor’s degrees in the field of business. Students have access to online tutoring services, virtual team projects and online business hours. It is also one of the most affordable in-state colleges, offering credit hours starting at just $370. Coppin State University is located on West North Avenue in Baltimore.