Best Neighborhoods in Baltimore for Young Professionals

Young professionals have a few things in common when it comes to looking for places to settle down. They prefer easy, walkable access to nightlife, including restaurants, bars and pubs. They want to be around other young people their age. But most of all, they look for affordable housing options. Baltimore has plenty of hotspots for young professionals that touch on one or more of these points. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Baltimore for young professionals.

Fells Point

This charming neighborhood happens to be one of the oldest in the Charm City, and remnants of this status can be seen in the housing styles and colors. Residents are drawn to the area for its cobblestone pavers, brick townhouses and spectacular views of the harbor. The colonial-era vibes are met with modern twists. Young people are moving into the neighborhood at an unsurpassed rate, which means the population will soon reflect the needs and wants of millennials.

There are endless things to see and do around Fells Point, most of which are within walking distance from houses, condos and lofts. It has arguably the best seafood in Baltimore, as demonstrated in Thames Street Oyster House. Not to mention, amazing cocktails that can be found at The Elk Room. The median purchase price for homes in Fells Point is $269,890 and the median rent sits at $1,520.

Mid-Town Belvedere

Young professionals can find extremely affordable housing and rental options in Mid-Town Belvedere. This neighborhood is known for its prime commuting location. In fact, Penn Station is within walking distance from many apartments and houses. The area has a walkability score of 91, which means residents can leave their cars parked to head to many coffee shops, vintage cafes, restaurants, bus stops and stations.

Mid-Town Belvedere is safer than 48 percent of Baltimore, helping young professionals feel safe and secure in their homes. It’s a historic place to live, and while it has gone through many changes to restore it to its former glory, current residents rave about its beauty, nightlife and charm. The average home price in Mid-Town Belvedere is $210,163 and the average rent is just $855 per month.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a popular stop for tourists, especially those who want to see the Washington Monument in all of its glory. The neighborhood has a lot more to offer to young professionals and singles. The breathtaking rowhouses are iconic pieces of the neighborhood’s aesthetic. Its location makes it a prime spot for those who work in downtown Baltimore, as it’s just a quick commute by bus or train.

Mount Vernon also has excellent walkability, which gives residents an incentive to leave the car at home. Residents enjoy browsing museums and art galleries, catching stage productions and talking over coffee. The median home price in Mount Vernon is $226,990 and the average rent is $1,300 per month.

South Baltimore

The population of South Baltimore is largely comprised of residents between the ages of 25 and 34. It is not hard to see why it’s a hotspot for young professionals. The neighborhood is one of the safest in all of Baltimore. In fact, it’s safer than 93 percent of the city. There are plenty of reasons why South Baltimore is so attractive, from its diversity and culture to various housing options. It isn’t uncommon to see a row of historic townhouses across the street from brand-new luxury condos.

South Baltimore, known more fondly as SOBO to its younger residents, provides easy access to transportation traveling to downtown Baltimore and has a great walkability score. Those who are looking to catch a Ravens or Orioles game can look no further than their own backyards. Both stadiums are situated in the SOBO area. The average home price in SOBO is $257,315 and the median rent per month is $1,884.

Federal Hill

One of the cooler places to live and work, Federal Hill is a young professional’s dream. It’s located right along the Inner Harbor, giving residents prime access to nightlife, restaurants, taverns and bars. Federal Hill is just a short commute to downtown, which means young professionals can hop on the train or bus instead of fighting their way through morning traffic.

Like many other neighborhoods in Baltimore, Federal Hill features beautiful, historic rowhouses. But thanks to an influx of young residents with a desire for urban, modern living, these rowhouses are intermixed with new construction of lofts and luxury condos. The Cross Street Market is the hotspot for most Federal Hill residents. It’s the center of locally owned shops, cafes, restaurants and stores. The average home price in Federal Hill is $302,082 and the median rent is $1,486 per month.


This hip neighborhood is desired among eclectic millennials who want to be a bit further from the downtown area. Hampden is known for its concentration of locally owned shops, vintage boutiques and funky festivals. The HONfest, one of Hampden’s most notorious celebrations of Baltimore’s dialect and culture, takes places each year on the 36th Street Corridor and draws a huge crowd.

The street, better known as The Avenue, is home to quirky shops and cafes. Homes here are a bit different than the traditional rowhouses. In fact, many young professionals choose Hampden for single-family home options with yards and larger plots. The average home price in Hampden is $239,990 and the average rent is $1,580 per month.


Baltimore’s Canton neighborhood is filled to the brim with classic rowhouses and harbor views. O’Donnell Square is a popular spot for marketplace goodies. Residents can purchase everything from produce and vegetables to clothing and home goods. Canton is also prime real estate for residents who enjoy watersports.

Its location along the harbor allows for boat ramps and marinas, as well as a gorgeous waterfront park. It’s a bit further from the other neighborhoods but still a short drive to downtown Baltimore. The average home price in Canton is $315,450 and the average rent is $2,800 per month.