How to Score Last-Minute Deals on a Baltimore Sports Game

Missing out on a ticket sale is no reason to skip a game, especially when some of the best ticket deals come at the very last minute. Baltimore is filled with exciting sporting events and concerts, all of which can be experienced in a budget-friendly way. There are many apps and online retailers that discount the price of sports tickets at the last minute, helping fans get to the game at a price they can afford. Here are some tips on how to score last-minute Baltimore sports tickets.

Use Ticket Apps

Sports tickets have entered the 21st century. Fans can search for their favorite game, purchase a ticket and enter the venue all on their smartphone. The same can be done when searching for last-minute tickets. There are several apps available on the app store for iPhone and Android that are designed to let sports fans find discounted tickets.

Apps like StubHub, SeatGeek and Gametime are just a few of the best third-party ticket sites for last-minute deals. Gametime was created with the last-minute sports fan in mind. Those who are already in the area of the game can browse through tickets and watch the prices fall as it gets closer to kickoff.

Fans who already know which game they want to attend should create an account on these apps a few weeks before the event. Creating an account usually involves entering an email address or phone number and setting a password. Some apps allow fans to store payment information for quicker checkout processes, which can save ample time.

Ticket buyers should always sign up for newsletters, emails and price alerts. The app or online retailer sends notices when prices drop, giving fans the chance to scoop up last-minute tickets at wallet-friendly fares. The best way to stay ahead of these announcements is to enable push notifications. This way, fans can receive an alert right on their phone’s home screen. Some apps provide an incentive to subscribing to an email newsletter, like entering into a sweepstakes. Fans can unsubscribe to emails and alerts at a later time.

Buy Single Seats

Sports fans looking for the ultimate deal should consider purchasing a single game ticket. Single seats are typically sold at the lowest prices possible, which can reduce the price of a ticket dramatically. The downside to purchasing a single seat is that there’s no guarantee fans will sit with their party. However, if attending the game at a reasonable price means more than sitting together, this is the best option.

Similarly, fans should look into general admission tickets. Usually stamped with “GA,” these vouchers are good for admission into a standing room-only area and are typically sold at a lower price point. Everyone in the group can purchase GA tickets and stand in the area together. GA areas may be grassy patches or corner areas where the view may be obstructed, at least partially.

Wait Until Gameday to Buy Your Ticket

Most of the least expensive game tickets are offered on the day of a sports game. It takes a bit of a risk, especially for those traveling from outside Baltimore, but most gameday tickets are sold well below face value. The prices of sports tickets change almost every day. Those who browse for tickets a few months or weeks before the event may find extremely high prices. However, sports tickets are worthless once the event is over. Ticket vendors want to sell all game tickets before the event occurs. In their eyes, a ticket sold for $20 is better than a ticket that goes to waste. Fans can use this to their advantage.

Fans who are looking for the biggest discounts on game day should make plans to attend the game as if they already have their ticket in hand. They should suit up in their team’s colors, head to a sports bar near the stadium and continuously scroll through their apps to view ticket prices. The closer to kickoff, tipoff or first pitch, the lower the prices. When the price is right, they can purchase their ticket at the click of a button.

Buying same-day sports tickets is extremely easy. Fans can simply choose their seat and quantity, enter their card information into the app and receive a barcode to enter the stadium. Gone are the days of standing at will call or meeting a sketchy seller in front of the stadium. Electronic tickets were made with the modern sports fan in mind.

Keep Waiting

Another pro tip for purchasing last-minute tickets is to wait until the event has already started. Many apps and ticket retailers continue selling tickets past the start of an event to try to sell every possible ticket. As expected, most tickets sold past the start of the event are discounted even further. Any ticket that goes unsold is a loss for the ticket vendors. Fans who are in the area should periodically check ticket prices once the game has already started to see how low the prices will go. They shouldn’t wait too long though as they might risk the event getting sold out.

Check the Classifieds

Fans can check online classifieds like Craigslist for last-minute tickets. Like ticket resellers and vendors, individuals who are looking to sell their tickets fear taking a loss. Fans have a better chance of finding lower-cost tickets on the day of the event.

Sports fans also have an advantage on game day. They are better able to negotiate the price of a ticket with the seller who simply wants to sell the ticket before it becomes worthless. Craigslist, OfferUp and LetGo are top reselling apps and sites that sports fans can use to buy last-minute tickets. Before agreeing to the posted price, they should reach out to the seller and try to negotiate. Knocking off $20 might be worth it for a seller who stands to lose the price of the ticket altogether.