Where to Get Official Baltimore Sports Merchandise

Baltimore has a handful of exciting sports teams and a dedicated fan base, who proudly represent the city in their team’s favorite colors. Official sports merchandise comes in many types, from tees and hoodies to replica jerseys and caps. Whether fans are looking to show off their Ravens pride or don the Orioles black-and-orange, there are many ways to purchase officially-licensed Baltimore sports gear. Here’s a glimpse into where to get official sports merchandise for all Baltimore sports teams.

At the Game

During a trip to the stadium, fans have ample opportunity to purchase official fan gear. Buying a jersey, tee shirt, cap or hoodie from the stadium means that fans are purchasing directly from the source. This ensures that the items are licensed and are not cheap knockoffs. Buyers can feel confident in their purchases and proudly display their favorite teams. The products sold at sports games, such as during Ravens, Orioles and Blast games, don the official tags and markings of legitimate merchandise.

However, purchasing official fan merchandise at the stadium comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Fans who frequent Ravens and Orioles games already know this, but the merchandise counters at the stadium tend to get extremely busy. Long lines and wait times are not uncommon at most games, especially during tournaments or rivalry games.

It also makes it harder to browse for items and find the right fit. Unlike a store, a merchandise counter usually features for-sale items hanging on a display wall. It may be more difficult to see the item, feel the material and eye it for the right size. Not to mention, fans usually must decide on the item they want rather quickly in order for the line to continue moving. Making a quick purchase decision may lead to regret later on.

Another drawback of buying fan gear at the stadium is that it typically costs more than it would in store or online. Merchandise prices at the stadium are purposely inflated; they reflect the demand at the moment and are coming directly from the source. Not to mention, items at the stadium are rarely on sale, which is very common at sporting goods stores and online shops. Fans who truly wish to purchase gear on game day should expect to pay full price for the item they want.

Fans should also be aware that items for sale at the stadium are limited in quantity, sizes and colors. Classic Ravens jerseys, for example, are always available. However, the sizes and fits are extremely limited. Also, there are dozens of different editions that the team puts out that may not be available at the stadium, such as armed services and breast cancer support editions. Fans can find a much wider array of selection online or in store.


Online shopping is taking off around the world, and buying official Baltimore sports gear from online retailers is no different. Finding Ravens jerseys, Orioles tees and Blast kits is much easier thanks to thousands of online stores. easiest and most convenient buying options. Fans can scroll through millions of apparel and accessory options from online sellers around the globe. All it takes is a bit of browsing, clicking and entering debit card details for fans to find their gear delivered to their doorstep. choose your favorite item and purchase it with the click of a button. However, it is important that fans understand that purchasing merchandise from online sellers comes with a few risks. Licensed gear is only sold through licensed sellers, and not all online sellers are licensed to sell gear. Knock off jerseys and tee shirts are extremely common; fans can avoid buying fake merchandise by keeping a few tips in mind.

Before buying fan gear online, fans should take a moment to examine the item on the online store. One way to know whether the item is legitimate or fake is to see how many views the seller provides. If only one view of the product (like the front side of a jersey, for example) is available, the site is likely unlicensed. Official merchandise websites feature products with many different views and angles so buyers can examine its quality.

Reading the description of the product can also clue a fan into its legitimacy. When the item’s description differs from the image displayed on the screen, it is another sign of a knock-off. Official merchandise sellers give thorough descriptions of each and every item on the website, including the type of thread used, type of material and type of embroidery so buyers can verify that the item is authentic.

The best way to find licensed Baltimore sports merchandise online is to purchase items from the teams’ official website. Most team sites, including the Ravens, provide a dedicated team store right on the webpage. Fans can then scroll through items for sale and know they are buying official products.

Other licensed retailers that sell Baltimore sports gear include MLB Shop, NFL Shop and MLS Store. Fans may even find links from their favorite team’s website to these online retailers when looking for official merchandise. These vendors are licensed to carry franchise-specific merchandise and have the right to sell.

In Store

Some may find it old-school, but Baltimore sports fans can always shop for official merchandise in sporting goods and department stores around the city. Many retail stores throughout Baltimore offer a broad selection of Ravens, Orioles, Blast and Brigade sports gear. Shopping for jerseys, tees and hoodies in store gives fans the chance to try items on for size and see how it looks before buying. Fans can save time and money by trying on the items beforehand.

Fans can find Baltimore sports gear in sporting goods stores like Dick’s and Columbia. Fans who are looking for a specific item should call the store ahead of time to see if they carry their specific size. Major retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods offer to ship certain items to the buyer’s home in case the store is out of stock.

If you’re looking for fan gear other than apparel, such as tailgating gear (cups, paper plates, table cloths, flags) you may need to look elsewhere. Grocery stores and department stores close to downtown Atlanta carry several products and décor in team colors. You can find coffee mugs, lanyards, magnets, stuffed animals and other Atlanta sports-related items at these types of retailers.