Why Going on a Cruise Is the Best Way to Travel

Every year over 20 million travelers hop aboard a cruise ship and go traveling for their vacations, and most wouldn’t have it any other way. There are so many advantages to cruise travel that it’s easy to see why so many vacationers choose to spend their free time on a cruise each year. Travelers can choose from hundreds of different ships and itineraries to suit their cruise preferences and help them craft the perfect vacation.

You may know some people who refuse to go on a cruise and others who go every few months. However, if you have never gone on one, then you should definitely book a cruise to experience the excitement for yourself. With a little research, you can plan a dream cruise vacation that you will never forget. If you are still on the fence about travelling on a cruise ship, here are some convincing reasons to try one out for the first time.

Cruises are Affordable

Let’s face it, going on vacation can be really expensive and impossible to fit into a budget for a lot of people. Fortunately, cruises offer a great value for a price that is way more affordable than traveling any other way. The cost of the fare typically covers everything you will be needing during your cruise such:

  • Food.
  • Entertainment.
  • Accommodations.
  • Transportation.

Taking a cruise cuts down on a lot of the standard traveling costs such as lodging, transportation and food. The average fare on major cruise lines is under $100 a person for each night, which is much more affordable than a traditional vacation. Some cruises will even let kids sail for discounted prices if they are sharing a room with their parents or guardians.

If there are any add-on services available through a cruise line, you can choose to purchase those separately. Some additional items that are offered by cruises include spa services, drink packages and extra excursions at different ports. However, if you want your trip to be as affordable as possible, you can stick to the standard cruise package.

Cruises are Easy to Plan

One of the most stressful parts of traveling is planning every single thing on your itinerary. This includes finding lodging, choosing places to eat, figuring out how to get around and much more. When you go on a cruise, everything you need will be in one place so a lot of the planning is handled for you. Once your cruise is booked, all you will really need to do is show up on time.

Typically, you will book your on-shore excursions ahead of time and the cruise line will organize everything. Many of these excursions are guided and optional, so have the option to participate or you can choose to spend your time on the ship ordering room service. When you first arrive on the ship, you will be given a schedule of the available activities and you pick and choose which ones you want to take part in.

You Can Travel to Multiple Destinations on a Cruise

Another perk of choosing to travel on a cruise is that you will have the opportunity to explore different cities and ports around the world. When you go on a cruise, you will typically spend a full day at each port of call on the travel route. Although a day may not seem like long, you can get a great taste of a location in that amount of time. If you like one of the places you visit, you can always plan to return for a longer visit later!

When you go on a cruise ship, you will often stop by multiple ports and cities during your travels. This will give you the opportunity to explore many different places in one, affordable trip. You won’t have to find transportation and lodging in each city as you struggle to organize your schedule like you would during a traditional vacation.

What is even better is that since you will be lodging on the ship the whole trip, you won’t have to pack and unpack to while traveling between destinations. This makes cruises a cheap and convenient way to visit a lot of different places in a short amount of time.  All you need to do is pick a cruise with an itinerary that visits the cities that you want to see.

Most Cruises are Family-Friendly

Let’s face it, it can be difficult to go on a traditional vacation with young kids. Fortunately, many cruises come with built-in childcare that make them the perfect vacation choice for families with children. Many ships now come with a variety of kid-focused activities and facilities that are separated by age. This way, teenagers can hang out together while younger children have an area for themselves.

Kids will have a blast at the play areas, arcades and swimming pools that many cruise ships have to offer and parents can take this time to relax and enjoy some time to themselves. Most cruise lines have many different kid-friendly itineraries available for traveling families and offer amenities that kids will love such as unlimited pizza or 24/7 ice cream.

Cruises are Ideal for Relaxing and Disconnecting

Many travelers have a hard time disconnecting from their work or social life while on vacation, and this can make it difficult to ever really relax. Fortunately, a cruise is the perfect way to solve that problem. Since phones do not get any signal out at sea and onboard Wi-Fi plans can be expensive, a cruise can be a simple way to disconnect.

There are countless opportunities to relax on a cruise ship, whether you want to lay out on a hammock and read a book or get a massage at an onboard spa. You can take a quiet nap in your room or blow off some steam with a workout at the ship’s gym. The best part of a cruise is that you can spend your time in the ways that make you feel the most comfortable.