Maryland has some of its best neighborhoods in Baltimore, many of them historic and featuring award-winning restaurants and music venues. Baltimore weather is relatively mild year-round, with four distinct seasons and a good balance between warm and cool days. The city’s famous Inner Harbor is one of America’s oldest seaports and a popular tourist destination with its sightseeing cruises and other educational tours.

Baltimore is also well-known for its colleges and universities, including the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University. The Baltimore philanthropist’s name also appears on the famous teaching hospital affiliated with the university. It is one of many health care resources available to Baltimore residents and people who travel there for treatment.

Baltimore schools for students of all ages include public schools, city schools, private schools and institutions centered on the arts. New Baltimore residents must familiarize themselves with school choices, health care providers and local news issues. Finding out about Maryland vehicle service providers makes it easier to transfer driver’s license credentials and car registrations after a move.


Grade Schools

Baltimore city public schools and private institutions are known for providing some of the best educational opportunities for grade school…
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Health Resources

Some Baltimore hospitals are well-known around the nation, such as Johns Hopkins Hospital and its affiliated university system. Other hospitals…
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Baltimore Weather

Baltimore weather is influenced by its location beside the Chesapeake Bay. Classified as a humid subtropical climate zone, Maryland experiences…
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