It would be fair to say that the Ravens are the city’s most prized sports franchise. The Baltimore football team has one of the fiercest and most loyal fanbases in the NFL. However, sports fans pack the city’s many other arenas to see the Orioles, Brigade and Blast in action, too. Whether you want to boo the Pittsburgh Steelers with the rest of the Flock, enjoy a ballpark frank at the Yards or watch the guys get down and dirty at arena football, Baltimore has it all.

You don’t have to visit Camden Yards or any other stadiums in person to enjoy the sports buzz around Charm City. Catch the game with a brew and some buddies at one of the local sports bars. Have a get-together at your place with some appetizers and drinks. Whatever your preference, one thing is for sure: if you’re not cheering for the home team, you might as well get out of Baltimore! Fans here are known to be a bit…vivacious? Slap on some black war paint, don your best jersey and prepare for an invigorating experience. Get caught up in the excitement of Baltimore sports.


Baltimore Brigade

Arena football teams are rough and tough; it’s no wonder the sport is nicknamed “Gridiron Football.” The Baltimore Brigade is…
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Baltimore Orioles

Catching a Baltimore Orioles game is a favorite pastime for many Baltimore residents. Even more so, watching the Washington Nationals…
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