Your Guide to Events in Baltimore

Your Guide to Events in Baltimore

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There are so many events in Baltimore throughout the year that visitors are almost certain to catch a few whenever they happen to be in town. The city is a rich cultural center, and its events range from celebrations of the many cultures represented by its inhabitants, to festivals around art, music, food and drink. Other events focus on pop culture themes and pastimes, such as the Baltimore Comic Con.

For larger events, alert visitors can often score combo packages for discounted hotel rooms, admission to popular events and vouchers for nearby restaurants and bars from travel and city promotional sites. For smaller events, visitors can either check ahead of time or simply see what they encounter while exploring the city.

In either case, travelers are encouraged to give some consideration to Baltimore’s climate when packing so that they can dress comfortably and appropriately for events. For indoor events, such as those held at the Baltimore conventions center, this may not be a large concern, but for outdoor events it can be crucial. While Maryland’s weather is generally mild, things can heat up quickly in direct sun at outdoor events and being on the harbor can lead to chillier-than-expected breezes during cooler seasons or after the sun sets. A little bit of planning ahead can make events far more comfortable for everyone!

Spring Events

Yearly events in Baltimore set in the spring are all about reemerging after the cold of winter to celebrate the start of warmer weather and to reconnect with friends and communities. Lively music, good food and moving about connect all the events during this season from the Federal Hill Irish Stroll and CrushFest Block Party, to the 17 Days of Saint Patrick festivities.

Big name events to look for include the Baltimore Wine Festival in May and the Charm City Folk & Bluegrass Festival in April. Less well known but dearly beloved locally is the African American Children’s Book Fair. Be sure to look that one up ahead of time if you’re interested, as the specific date changes from year to year.

Summer Events

Summer is prime time for art festivals in Baltimore, with cultural festivals a close second on the city’s calendar.  Artscape, one of the largest free art festivals not only in Maryland but in the nation, is held in July every year at Mount Vernon. It features more than 100 artists of every kind, including live music and hands-on creative activities for all ages.

The Jazz & Blues Festival is another large-draw event that is free and appropriate for all ages, making summer a great time to visit Baltimore with family or young friends. If that wasn’t enough, Baltimore Pride splashes the city with color every June, as does the Caribbean Carnival in July.

Smaller recurring events, such as the Baltimore Farmers Market, run all summer, as well. Combined with activities hosted by local attractions, these can make for a busy, fun-filled trip even during the middle of a week or other “off” days when there are no major festivals happening.

Autumn Events

Travelers who love food festivals cannot do better than autumn in Baltimore. The seasons sees two of the city’s biggest food festivals, the Seafood Festival and the Baltimore Beer Fest. Both showcase some of Baltimore’s best chefs, brewers, vintners, distillers and performers. It’s also the season of the Harbor Harvest Festival, an absolute bonanza of fantastic kids’ activities and live music.

Incredibly, those festivals are only the highlights. Numerous smaller events celebrating Baltimore’s food and drink scene run throughout September, October and November at sites all over the city. Throw in a few cultural festivals and visitors will find far more on the schedule than they could ever hope to experience in a single trip.

For more great autumn events, download our guide and see what else the city has in store for you!

Winter Events

There’s no escaping the reality that schedules seem to fill up quickly as the holidays approach each year, and Baltimore’s event roster is no exception.  Visitors can expect to see the city lit up from the famous Baltimore Christmas Village to the Miracle on 34th Street. True to the city’s multi-cultural nature, Kwanzaa and other winter festivals are also celebrated in style. Visitors are welcome to attend any of these events regardless of religious background.

While holiday festivals kick off the winter season in Baltimore, they’re only the beginning. Once the new year starts, visitors will find that the city does not hibernate through the winter. Another major beer festival and the massive Frozen Harbor Music Festival light up the dark days of winter and keep the city fresh and lively all year long.

Finding Baltimore Events

Travelers can follow official Baltimore events websites or city magazines to keep up to date of the latest happenings in Charm City. For those who prefer to plan ahead, our Baltimore Guide has a more complete and detailed listing of events in Baltimore and when they run. Get your hands on a complete guide of the hottest Baltimore events throughout the year, now!