Your Guide to Hotels in Baltimore

Your Guide to Hotels in Baltimore

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At first glance, choosing between the scores of Baltimore hotels available can seem overwhelming. Visitors new to the city often have no idea where to start narrowing down the list of appealing options. Fortunately, selecting a hotel doesn’t have to be a headache. Visitors can quickly find the perfect hotel for them simply by asking a few key questions, such as knowing your budget, what you hope to do in the city and what amenities you want out of your hotel.

With the answers to these easy questions in hand, visitors can quickly and easily decide whether they should focus on waterfront hotels, airport hotels, budget hotels or quirky local places brimming with character. Travelers can also find great tips for how to book the best hotel for them in our comprehensive Baltimore guide!

Luxury Hotels

For travelers who like to stay in style, luxury Baltimore hotels are the perfect complement to exploring the city’s best food, drink, attractions and events. Outfitted with the latest in technology, high-end hotels offer all the comforts of home plus the tools and resources visitors need to stay on top of work and other obligations while on the road. On-site amenities like spas and five-star restaurants ensure visitors have everything they need at their fingertips any hour of day or night, while prime locations make it easy to see and do everything on one’s itinerary.

Travelers can choose between international mainstays, such as the Four Seasons Baltimore, and iconic local establishments like the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Visitors familiar with international chains or enrolled in their rewards programs may find they prefer the consistency and benefits of staying with those familiar hoteliers. For travelers who want a more unique, intimate experience, however, staying with a locally owned luxury hotel is the absolute best in five-star accommodations.

Visitors looking for luxury may want to explore the city’s bed and breakfast options, as well. Though they often have fewer large amenities, such as on-site spas, these smaller establishments are often owned and staffed by dedicated individuals or couples who can offer a unique level of customized attention that can make for an unforgettable stay.

Visitors may be surprised to discover that a number of Baltimore’s most luxurious hotels are pet-friendly. Limitations and restrictions apply, but traveling with a furry companion doesn’t have to mean settling for less than comfortable accommodations while in town.

Waterfront Accommodations

Baltimore’s harbor is one of the city’s most striking features, and waterfront hotels allow visitors to enjoy the stunning view every minute of their stay. Many Baltimore Inner Harbor hotels are strategically located to offer travelers the ideal combination of atmosphere and convenience. Positioned in the heart of the city’s attractions, dining, events and shopping, these hotels are perfect for “staying where you play.” Hotel guests can take advantage of free public transit, catch the Water Taxi and cruises just steps from their hotels, and relax on their balconies overlooking the water with drinks after dinner or with their coffee in the morning.

Unsurprisingly, accommodations at the Baltimore Marriott waterfront and other harbor-side hotels tend to be pricier than other local hotels of the same caliber. Visitors looking for an unparalleled experience, however, almost always find the extra cost more than justified.

Travelers should bear in mind that it is important to specify that they want a room overlooking the harbor when making reservations, as failure to do so may result in being assigned a room facing away from the harbor.

Affordable Hotels

Not everyone comes to Baltimore seeking luxury. Some travelers prefer to invest their funds in visiting attractions or indulging in great dining. Others are just trying to enjoy a trip on a budget. Whatever the case, there are plenty of cheap hotels in Baltimore that deliver a clean, safe and reliable stay without breaking the bank.

Airport hotels are a great example. Typically located very close to Baltimore’s primary airport, this class of hotels tends to be business-casual. Visitors can expect standard amenities and services, clean but unremarkable rooms, restaurants on-site or within walking distance, and a relatively low cost per night.

Extended stay hotels often fall into the affordable hotels category, as well. Many of these establishments specialize in renting suites complete with kitchenettes, which can play a key role in helping travelers keep costs down by enabling them to prepare some of their own meals.

For more information about hotel options in each of previous categories, download our complete Baltimore guide!