Best Neighborhoods in Baltimore

Finding the best neighborhoods in Baltimore can seem difficult when there are over 200 neighborhoods to choose from. Baltimore is the largest independent city in the U.S and those who visit are sure to have an enriching experience. Each neighborhood has its own unique edge and interesting story. The distinct neighborhoods that make up this populous city are steeped in history, culture, and charm. Hence, why Baltimore is known as the Charm City.

With the various shops, restaurants and attractions making up these towns, there is always something exciting and unexpected happening for residents of all ages to enjoy. From young urban professionals to families with young children, there is a place for everyone in this dynamic city. These Baltimore neighborhoods have a lot to offer and are home to some of the best schools and universities, as well as beautiful houses to live. As a city built on innovation, there are numerous job opportunities to consider. Before exploring the city of Baltimore, take a look at some of the best neighborhoods in the city.

Baltimore Neighborhoods

Inner Harbor

If you are interested in living in the heart of Baltimore, consider Inner Harbor as one of your top choices. You will be in walking distance of the city’s finest dining, upscale shopping, trendy bars and lounges and Baltimore’s one and only beach. Not to mention, Inner Harbor is home to Baltimore’s top tourist attractions, such as the National Aquarium and the Historic Ships. Immerse yourself in people-watching as you discover new faces from all over the world and mix with interesting locals. Inner Harbor is a family-friendly area to be, with numerous activities for locals of all ages to enjoy.

You can find many luxurious high-rise and waterfront condominiums that give you the most amazing view of the city. It’s very easy to get around this transportation hub and visit surrounding Baltimore neighborhoods, with easy access to various MTA bus lines and Light Rail stops. While the average home price is $907,902, many locals rent homes and apartments for a median rent price of $1,288. The unemployment rate in Inner Harbor is at three percent, with a majority of employment being white-collar jobs. This is an important factor to keep in mind when applying to jobs in the area.

Fells Point

Fells Point offers timeless charm as the oldest neighborhood in Baltimore. Established in 1763, the historic neighborhood’s cobblestone streets hugs the north shore of the Baltimore Harbor. Its waterfront red-brick buildings consist of various restored houses, antique shops, music stores, restaurants and bars to explore. From comedy clubs to Irish pubs, this urban area is one of the best neighborhoods in Baltimore for nightlife. Not much has change as it used to be a shipbuilding town populated by sailors and pirates who spent their pastime drinking at bars. Today, there is much more to do. You can embark on a fishing charter, visit a museum or take a chance on a ghost tour.

Fells Point is mostly inhabited by a diverse population of young professionals, although there are households with children. Some of the top public schools include Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Baltimore School for the Arts. The town is conveniently located next to Jones Fall Expressway and contains various MTA bus routes and water shuttles for locals to get to and from work. However, most residents commute by car. There are mostly white collar jobs available for private and non-for-profit companies. The average home price is $371,068, however, most residents rent their homes for as little as $900.


Canton is one of the best Baltimore neighborhoods for newly single people, young professionals and retirees. It is a great place to socialize and meet new people, while enjoying the various, restaurants, pubs and shops. For those who love the outdoors, Canton Waterfront Park is a great place for fishing, boating, biking, jogging or a relaxing picnic. It is also a dog-friendly neighborhood with Canton Dog Park nearby. Canton offers a suburbia feel while still remaining in the city.

The median home value is $321,724 and the median rent is $1,959, making it one of the more affordable Baltimore neighborhoods to live in. Many residents prefer to own rather than rent their homes. Most residents feel safe walking the neighborhood as there are rarely any cases for violent crimes. However, burglary rates are slightly higher than the National average. While there are not many families that live in Canton, it is a diverse population of locals from different ethnic and economic backgrounds. The median household income is $98,085 and the unemployment rate is 50 percent lower than the US average.


Located in Northern Baltimore, Hampden is a unique and vibrant neighborhood to be a part of. It is a small, yet diverse, tight-knit community, primarily consisting of singles and young families who have a reputation as “hipsters.” In fact, most Hampdenites have an artistic occupation or attend nearby schools, such as John Hopkins or Notre Dame. Many visitors and locals love to stroll down 36 street, also known as The Avenue, to visit a wide variety of locally owned restaurants, cafes and stores.

Travelers even come from all around the world to the town’s infamous annual festival, Honfest, for a one-of-a-kind experience honoring the working women of Baltimore. The neighborhood is very affordable, with houses priced at $234,678 on average. Housing options range from condos to row homes to single-family homes. The best way to get around the quaint town is by foot and not just because of the wonderfully quirky folks you meet along the way. Everything in Hampden is in close proximity and downtown Baltimore is just five miles away, easily accessible by Interstate 83.

Federal Hill

Another wonderful Baltimore neighborhood with a strong sense of community is Federal Hill, located south of the city’s central business district. This neighborhood promises an urban lifestyle with a ton of things to do that are within walking distance. This includes the American Visionary Art Museum and the Maryland Science Center. The city is surrounded by 19th century row houses, eclectic restaurants and charming boutiques and art galleries. Many locals rave about the Cross Street Market, one of the oldest public markets in America.

The average home price is $313,181 and the majority homes are owner-occupied, although there are housing options available for rent as well. Federal Hill is a wonderful place to raise a family as there are many family-friendly attractions nearby, as well as top-rated public and private schools. Traveling within and outside the city is easily accessible with numerous interstates and railway stations. Although most residents live and work in the bustling city.