Baltimore Apartments

With the city’s housing market being one of the most competitive in the nation, Baltimore apartments are an attractive and affordable alternative to home buying for many residents. The city offers a range of appealing options, from luxury apartments to less expensive lofts and studios perfect for those just starting out. In addition to features such as size and style, residents can choose from a diverse collection of neighborhoods within and around the city to find just the right combination of costs and perks for their needs and lifestyles.

Apartment seekers searching apartments for rent in Baltimore for cheap rent should be aware, however, that regardless of where in the they choose to live, “cheap” will necessarily be a relative term. The median monthly rent city-wide is $1,500 per month, and high demand means that finding an inexpensive apartment will undoubtedly involve making sacrifices on location, conveniences, space, or other factors.

Rent in Baltimore

Cheap studio apartments in Baltimore start at just below $800 per month on average. One-bedroom apartments average approximately $950, while two-bedroom apartments cost about $1,200 per month.

However, it is important for apartment seekers to keep in mind that these numbers are merely averages. While some neighborhoods in less prosperous portions of the city will offer apartments for less, studios in trendy, well-located developments such as the Porter Street Apartments complex in the heart of the city’s downtown area start at $1,910 per month for a 493 square foot unit.

Generally, apartments for rent in Baltimore are pricier than those in any other city in Maryland. The only exception is Bethesda, where one-bedroom apartments can run as much as $2,000 per month. In fact, according to the American Community Survey, more than 55 percent of renters qualify as “housing cost burdened,” meaning that they spend more than 30 percent of their total household income on housing.

Fortunately, however, new construction continues to add to the available options throughout Baltimore, providing an ever-increasing range of apartments of all sizes, styles and price points to accommodate apartment seekers in every price range.

Selecting a Baltimore Apartment
Not every apartment seeker will agree on what makes for the best apartments in Baltimore. While every apartment has its own virtues and every apartment seeker has his or her own preferences, a handful of key considerations factor into every searcher’s decision.

  • Understandably, location is one of the crucial deciding factors for most apartment seekers. Proximity to public transportation, social and cultural centers, or one’s place of employment can significantly impact both costs and quality of life.
  • The average family size in Baltimore is three people, but larger families may need to prioritize larger apartment size over other considerations. Singles or couples, by contrast, may have more flexibility to find cheap apartments in Baltimore if they are willing to consider studios or small one-bedroom apartments.
  • There is no escaping the necessity of choosing an apartment that fits within one’s budget. Expensive apartments in downtown Baltimore’s trendiest areas may simply be out of reach of some families. At the same time, those pricier apartments can be perfect for higher-income apartment hunters whose work makes it essential that they be located in the thick of things.
  • Unique features can make the difference between an apartment that is perfect and one that doesn’t work at all. Examples include apartments that come with on-site amenities such as fitness facilities, complexes that accommodate beloved pets, or sites conveniently located on walking or biking paths for easy non-vehicle transportation options. Similarly, furnished apartments can be a dealmaker for residents who lack the time, funds or interest in furnishing a home themselves, or who need a move-in ready space immediately.
  • Apartments with utilities included can play a key role in helping families create and stick to viable monthly budgets. This can be essential for families on limited or inconsistent incomes, in particular.

Top Ranked Neighborhoods in Baltimore

Arguably, some of the best apartments in Baltimore are those that place residents in the heart of a walkable neighborhood and close to public transportation. In addition to convenience, these apartments typically offer cost savings and walkable areas typically provide a better sense of community and safety, as well.

According to recent assessments, the most walkable neighborhoods in Baltimore are:

  • Vernon
  • Downtown Baltimore
  • University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • Fells Point
  • Little Italy
  • Upper Fells Point
  • Mid-Town Belvedere
  • Federal Hill-Mongomery
  • Seton Hill
  • Abell

There is noticeable overlap between the most walkable neighborhoods and the most transit friendly, a list which includes:

  • Downtown Baltimore
  • University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • Seton Hill
  • Mount Vernon
  • Otterbein
  • Ridgely’s Delight
  • Jonestown
  • Pleasant View Gardens
  • Penn-Fallsway
  • Heritage Crossing

Baltimore apartment hunters can use these and other listings to triangulate ideal locations for their needs and personal priorities.

Baltimore Apartment Complexes

Approximately 22 percent of the housing units in Baltimore are apartments located in concentrated apartment complexes. Another 11.4 percent of units are apartments in small apartment buildings.

The concentration of complexes and smaller apartment buildings is not evenly distributed, however. Baltimore inner harbor apartments, for example, are more likely to be located in single buildings converted from other uses.

Mount Vernon apartments, by contrast, are more likely to be part of larger complexes that include fitness centers and other on-site amenities.

While residents prioritizing a certain location may have less choice in apartment style, apartment hunters with a strong preference for either complexes or single building sites may find that they can narrow their searches quickly and conveniently by neighborhood using this criteria.

Importantly, much of the new apartment construction being done in Baltimore is of the complex variety. Over time, this will serve to increase the availability of that style apartment within the city. While this is a benefit to residents who prefer complexes, residents who desire single building sites may find that their options decrease relative to overall apartment availability.