Your Guide to News in Baltimore

Your Guide to News in Baltimore

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Baltimore locals and tourists alike should keep up to date with the latest Baltimore news. Whether it’s planning a staycation, vacation or just a fun Friday night out on the town, knowing which city blocks are under construction and what the weather will be like can make or break your upcoming plans.

By downloading our comprehensive guide, you can inform yourself on all the new city development plans currently in the works for Baltimore and how the future of the “Charm City” is shaping up. For more information, you can read about the weather and popular Baltimore news stations below!

News Stations

CBS Baltimore, known as WJZ 13 to locals, is the primary source of day-to-day news in Charm City. From weather, to traffic and local events, WJZ Baltimore is the local station you want to be listening to if you’re local or visiting the area. This news station commonly covers:

  • Weather.
  • Business.
  • Current events.
  • Upcoming events.
  • Baltimore county elections, laws, cases and other local politics.
  • Sports team news (Baltimore Ravens, Orioles, etc.)
  • Crime.

Staying tuned in to a local new station can help residents avoid accidents or construction on their commutes and dress appropriately for whatever the weather has in store for them. Staying in touch with local events will let locals and visitors alike make the most of every day in Charm City.

For tourists, keeping up with the Baltimore news can be even more important. Without knowing what’s happening in the city, tourists may plan their trips at inopportune times when major attractions may be closed due to new construction or inclement weather.

Regardless of your reasons for keeping up with the Baltimore news, it is always a good idea to stay informed. Whether you keep up with WJZ Baltimore or other new stations like Baltimore WBAL, always keep your ears open for important announcements.

City Development

As of September 2019, Baltimore employers have reportedly added 10,000 new positions to the Baltimore job market in varying fields. Although Baltimore’s job market has seen many ups and downs in the last 10 years, it has recently been on the rise. This is a great sign for those looking to visit or even move to this city, as the improving economy is making Baltimore a better place to both live in and vacation in.

The city’s famous Lexington Marketplace is getting renovated, which is a source of excitement for both tourists and locals. The Lexington Market is one of the oldest in the country and has always been a draw for those visiting the city. Locals are also excited to continue selling their local products and hopefully increase their revenue with the draw form the renovated market.

You can learn more about what new and exciting changes are happening in Baltimore by downloading our guide now!

Health and Community

The city of Baltimore has made strides in recent years to expand both health and outreach programs. Recently, a local food movement has been in affect to increase access to fresh, local food for under-served and at-risk communities in the city. This movement is supported by both local food distributors and education agencies in the area in an effort to improve the health and wellness of those who need it most.

Additionally, the University of Baltimore is expanding its Medical Center to include an outpatient car center in the heart of downtown Baltimore. This will help increase the hospital’s capacity, add more jobs to the bustling city and give patients the opportunity to have better care plans available. With all this community development underway, it is a great time to be a part of Baltimore’s growing community.


Baltimore’s weather gives locals and tourists the opportunity to experience all four seasons throughout the year. Summer’s are usually warm, but mild with temperatures peaking close to 90 degrees in July but staying within the high 70’s during most of the summer.

As for winter, temperatures can get as low as 20 degrees and feel even colder due to wind-chill. Residents and visitors can expect snow in January and February, although Baltimore is prone to experiencing a white Christmas as well.

If you’re planning a trip and wish to get the most out of the winter weather during the holidays, Baltimore is definitely a great place to visit. Not only will you feel the winter chill, but you will also get to experience the Baltimore Christmas village and other wonderful holiday events described in our guide.

If you’re looking for a warm, but not-too-hot spot to visit during the summer, Baltimore also makes for a great family vacation. With so much to do in the Inner Harbor alone, visitors and residents can take advantage of the great warm weather and get out on the water.

Whatever you plan to do in Baltimore throughout the year, know that each season is sure to deliver the experience you’re looking for. Find out more about the great attractions, events and happening in the great city of Baltimore with the help of our ultimate Baltimore guide, today!